I met Randi a couple of years ago (2018) in a lunchtime meet up and she seemed extremely passionate about helping people in the community.  Since then, I have attended numerous face to face as well as zoom meetings that she organized.  She is like an energize bunny who never stops and she will help you anytime.
Last year (2019), we want to downsize and enlisted Randi Goodman to help us sell our home.  She worked closely with Michelle Schipper to enlist an interior decorator.  As a result, the house sparkled inside and out.  We almost couldn’t sell it because we fell in love with it all over again.  Randi and Michelle worked tirelessly to promote the sale even before the house went on the market as the market was starting to weaken in early 2019.
To make the long story short, they sold our home in record time (4 days) so that we can be closer to my mother-in-law.  This made my husband’s job – looking after his mom – so much easier.  In addition, we were able to complete the renovation of our new place before COVID-19.  That’s a huge advantage because COVID-19 resulted in stop work in condo renovation.  If we sold any later, we would be living in a nightmare now.
Thank you Randi and Michelle.  You are a super team.  A team that made our lives so much better without our immediate gratification as we were sorry to have left the old and beautiful place.
Overall, we really really appreciate your dedication, your commitment, your belief that our house can be sold at that time.  It is refreshing to see real estate professionals like you, who pour your expertise and soul into the work that you do.  Again, Thank You!

Best Regards,

Douglas Walker and Linda Yao

I had the opportunity to work with Randi on a very important deal for my family and I’m so happy I chose her as my agent. She was professional, very thorough, detail oriented and most importantly remained consistent during some tense times when delays were presenting from the other side. The whole time I felt that I was in capable hands. What also impressed me was that even when the deal was signed and delivered and her part technically over, she followed up with me to remind me to address a few small details that needed attention.  
Josephine Carmel

I sold my first property with Randi recently.  Not only did she pay great attention to detail but she was able to answer all of my questions.  The transaction was seamless, sold in 2 days and closed quickly.  Randi was professional and kept me informed of all the details throughout the process, she was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone.

Joseph Himelfarb


Randi Goodman is a community builder extraordinaire supporting women, men, solo-preneurs and established businesses in realizing their dreams. She gives people a voice, visibility and a platform as a producer of numerous community events and as a world class publisher helping people realize their dreams of becoming international best selling authors sharing their stories to the world.
Randi helps people create a lifestyle of health and wealth with the holistic approach to realizing their potential and overall  wellbeing. I have seen Randi plan, produce and market events and help people transform their lives and businesses from being unseen and understated to becoming active and fully realized. She influences people in a way that has them level up their participating becoming more active, vital and clearly in charge of their own life.
I have seen her inspire whole audiences and support people in a way that has them become more engaged in taking charge of their life and live their dreams and turn their lives around. Randi has mastered a holistic way of living, having triumphed in her own life through new endeavours including pivoting and growing multiple businesses and creating new thriving enterprises. She unselfishly shares her wisdom with others so that they can have the same successes, and she does it with flair, fun, and integrity .
Randi has embraced her long time interest in real estate not only an investor, but she has become a sought after leading licenced Real Estate Professional, helping people in commercial ventures, developments, and she loves helping people find their dream home and going the distance to help people realize their personal and professional dreams.
Cheryl Ivaniski : Wellness Authority, Dr. Holistic Medicine, Empowerment and Mindset Coach,
Holistic Lifestyle and Diabetes Wellness Coach & Professional Real Estate Investor


Positive Reviews

“I have known and been part of Randi Goodman’s network for 3 years now and I can’t say enough good things about her.

Becoming a co-author on her #1 International Best Seller series “Empowering Women to Succeed – Volume III – Bounce” has added a lot of credibility to my businesses.

Through Randi and her successful network, I have been introduced to so many great people in different areas of business that I was able to collaborate with.

I highly, I mean “HIGHLY” recommend anyone who want to turn around their life, share their story or even start their own business, to connect with Randi Goodman.

Randi is a Role Model for all women is  a lady of integrity – something that is very rare to find these days.”

Gaby Abdelgadir


The most important asset an entrepreneur needs to grow their business is community. Randi Goodman has created a stellar entrepreneurial community that I am lucky enough to be a part of. My connections, my clients and my cash have grown over 1000% within her network! Likewise, my contribution has helped hundreds of people grow, flourish and prosper. It’s a win-win that is creating global Impact for the greater good.

Odette Peek


It has been a great pleasure and honor to work with Randi in your Empowering Women to Succeed book series. I’ve been in the first 3 volumes.  Who would have known that we would be #1 international Best Selling authors! WOW! When we started we had no clue where we were going with it, all we had was a vision, a great vision, to not only impact and empower our community, also the world. This experience has changed a lot for me in my personal and professional development, from putting closure with my past through my sharing, to touching, to moving and inspiring others in a way that allowed me to be invited to speak at International Professional Training conventions as a paid inspirational speaker. Working with Randi has been an amazing journey, where her determination and devotion to others has impacted all the authors to a point that we consider ourselves the EWTS family. God bless you Randi!

Maria Grazia Bevilacqua

Doctor of Natural Medicine,

Doctor of Humanitarian Service,

Reg. Naturotherapy Practitioner, Advanced PSYCH-K®Facilitator, Life Coach.

Specialized in Orthomolecular Nutrition, Hypnosis, Vibrational & Energy Medicine, Massage, Pain management, Spiritual Healing


Bhairavi Patel

What can I say about Randi , she’s been a friend for almost 20 years. Over the years she has transitioned from friend to someone that I have full trust in, whether it be on a personal or a business level. Although I have not had the pleasure in dealing with any Real Estate transactions, I know she’s a woman who is always on top of her business. I can truthfully say that her client’s needs always come first. Trust Randi, to give you the truth and service beyond your expectations. B. Patel

Mimi Thrasher

I love working with Randi. She is such a giving person and takes care to have my best interests at heart. Smart, professional and generous, I highly recommend doing business with Randi.

Lynn McIntosh

Randi is a talented professional in many aspects of business. She gives back to the people and helps so many with her many events and programs. She has the ability to reach out to many at once, to keep people connected and to help people make their business grow. A woman of many talents and achievements.

Patricia Gagic

What a great privilege to know someone as spectacular as Randi. Our paths crossed a decade ago. Randi brings sensibility and logic to a complex business world. Not only her capacity as a Realtor but in her support of women. With her Toronto Women’s Expo work and various events she heralds recognition where due and honours those who strive for the best. It is wonderful to reconnect with Randi on this podcast opportunity and feel very blessed to call her a friend. She is a role model to many and a harbinger of strength in her commitment to the betterment of life and humanity. Randi is your go to girl and never disappoints.

Mat Teofilo

Randi is not only a wonderful person to work with, but she is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of business and real estate. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her in a few different capacities now and she is always highly professional, efficient and dedicated. I highly recommend working and connecting with Randi!

Shawna Magence

Randi Goodman is the ultimate connector! It is an honour to be a part of Randi’s network and to learn from her selfless leadership and generous spirit. Randi genuinely wants to see everyone succeed and goes out of her way to promote, encourage and create opportunities for us to do so. Whether it be the incredible events, networking meetings or the one on one conversations, Randi always brings value and passion to everything she does. I highly recommend working with Randi.

Mara Aalipour

Randi Goodman is a powerful professional with a heart of gold. She is serving the community in a way or another. I’ve met many business owners through her and I enjoy working with her since she is easy-going while committing to high professional standards. I highly recommend Randi.

Jennifer Ettinger

It is always a pleasure to speak with Randi.
Randi is the ultimate connector and conduit of placing people and opportunities together.
Thank you for all that you do!

Hailey Patry

Randi is a phenomenal business woman, and her knowledge spans far beyond Real Estate. She has helped thousands of business owners to grow both personally and professionally, and she also has a heart of gold… supporting charities that make a positive difference in the community, especially for children. She is a multi-time #1 International Best-selling Author and she has also helped over 200 author authors to get published. I honestly adore Randi and would recommend her highly. She goes above and beyond for her clients, the community, her family and friends, and she truly cares. As a seasoned Real Estate Investor she has first hand experience on how to navigate the changing market, and you are always in great hands when you work with Randi. Randi, thank you so much for everything you have done to support my work over the years.

Kirsty Ann Perring

Although I have only recently come to know Randi, I can honestly say that is is a truly kind and giving person. She empowers women and gives them the confidence to reach their business goals by sharing her knowledge and passion for helping others. She is an amazing networker and has the ability to bring people together to connect in magical ways!

Mehrnaz Dehmiri

Working with Randi surely gets a double thumbs-up

Yolande C CT

My personal experience from Randy has been exceptional. She is very understanding, proactive and diligent in all she does. I’m looking forward to working with her in future endeavours.

Muneerah Tanya Shiraz

I had a great experience with Randi and love that like me she is all about Women power 🙂

Claire Chen

Randi is wonderful. I had a good experience learning from her. she has given me some good advice in business, she is proactive and loves to help women in business. I will definitely recommend her to others.

Sandy Yong

I collaborated with Randi through the Toronto Women’s Expo and was interviewed by her on her podcast! It’s nice to connect with fellow female entrepreneurs in the real estate industry. She is super friendly and is very knowledgeable in the real estate in Richmond Hill. If you want to learn more about real estate, check out her books, course offerings and podcast!

Barb Stuhlemmer

I have known Randi for many years through networking and our business connections and what I love most about Randi is how dedicated she is to supporting business owners. Randi has created many opportunities & events over the years to help owners connect, network, learn, and grow their businesses. I have a great deal of respect for the effort she puts into this work and the expertise she brings together. I know that she shows up with this level of commitment in everything she does.

Ady Dim

Randi is an amazing person and realtor. I had the opportunity to meet her and to visit couple of properties and learned from her so much about legislation, real estate market, how to look at a property through the eyes of the customer, how to make the best choice for your needs and more. She has a compassionate heart and is committed to help each client find the house of their dreams. She went above and beyond to help me and even ended up getting me some hot chocolate and a muffin when I got hungry, from her own money. I had the chance to have an interview with Randi and to share my life story with the world and felt so nourished, empowered, uplifted and appreciated in all my interactions with her. I feel we all need a Randi in our lives to help us reach the goal to rent or buy a property and also to experience receiving 5 stars customer service.

Nora Balazs

There are very few people on this planet who actually reach out to others offering help. Randi Goodman is one of those people. She is a woman of action, not talk. She is reliable and approachable, there for those who are seeking exposure for their new business endeavor. It is such a pleasure having to meet her and be part of one of her amazing array of reaches, all in the service of others.